Obria Medical Clinics sponsors a “A Reason for Hope” podcast episode

As more and more tune into the realm of audio listenership, we are excited to announce the Obria Group’s latest venture: Obria Medical Clinics is an episode sponsor within “A Reason for Hope,” a Catholic, faith-based podcast by Array of Hope ministries! 


If you’re looking for a fantastic weekly conversation, “A Reason for Hope” is an insightful podcast that investigates Array of Hope’s purpose and creates a space for open dialogue about the Catholic faith. 


The episode Obria has sponsored is episode 81 entitled “Culture in Crisis with Dr. Ralph Martin,” the founder of Renewal Ministries and author of The Fulfillment of All Desire. Click to listen now! 


Within the Obria-sponsored episode, Dr. Martin & CANDID crew discuss humanity’s need for salvation, scripture, cultural dynamics between the church and modern society, and how Christian hope can always be found. 


An Obria Medical Clinics ad runs at the beginning of the episode, and our website and tag line is included in our show notes as a recognized sponsor. 


Learn more about the Reason for Hope podcast at www.areasonforhopepodcast.com. You can learn more about Array of Hope Ministries at arrayofhope.org.


Thank you for believing and supporting our mission to make a difference by providing life-affirming and compassionate health care for all.


We can’t wait for what the future has in store next!


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