Obria is Making a Difference

The last few months have been a joyful and busy time for those of us working to provide life-affirming healthcare. Because of your financial support and your prayers, Obria is making a difference in the lives of moms, dads, and their children every day.

We know that California has been declared an abortion “sanctuary” state. I put that word in quotes because a sanctuary is supposed to be a safe, sacred space. The authentic sanctuary is Obria, which walks alongside women to give them the healthcare they need, rooted in the trust and compassionate medical services for them and their babies.

I have been thinking recently about the successes we have achieved this year. One that I keep returning to is the opening of our clinic in Fresno, California. You may have missed the news, or just need a reminder. In January, Obria opened a new clinic in Fresno, California. In Southern Fresno, where the clinic is located, the lack of prenatal care has contributed to higher rates of infant mortality, low infant birth weight, and other pediatric health issues. The people living there have much lower income and are often turned away by other medical clinics that refuse Medi-Cal patients as it has a poor billing rate. Knowing this, Fresno clinic is also working with local non-profits that provide services like domestic violence counseling and support, human trafficking assistance, and food and financial insecurity aid.

We are already making a difference in Fresno.

Their first patient was Aleyda, a young woman who visited Planned Parenthood planning to get an abortion. After interacting with Right to Life, a local life-affirming organization, Outreach staff, Aleyda decided to choose life for her baby. Aleyda’s baby was born in early June, Mama and baby are happy and healthy. Obria will continue to support Aleyda and her journey through motherhood. Learn more about Aleyda’s story.

When Obria helps women in their communities – particularly communities that struggle to provide adequate healthcare – we are also helping the entire community. We represent a vision of comprehensive, compassionate healthcare for all. Your support turns this vision into a reality through our first-class clinics staffed by trained medical professionals.

Obria is a beacon of hope for communities that are underserved in the areas of pre and post-natal care. You are key to keeping these beacons bright and creating more of them. Obria will keep working hard to create more authentic sanctuaries to help more women, men, and their children.

With gratitude,


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