Meet a Miracle #GivingTuesday

Sometimes we forget that miracles are real.


Angela Speaking

At our annual gala earlier this month, Angela, an Obria patient, shared her very personal, miracle story. A single mother trying to make ends meet for her two young boys, Angela struggled in an abusive relationship and found herself pregnant in April – “As I sat in that office, I struggled with even being there because my boys are the light of my life, but I was very conflicted with how I could do it all by myself. “

She made an appointment at Planned Parenthood, and was given information about a medication abortion, which require taking pills to end the pregnancy before 9 weeks.

The decision Angela faced was agonizing — “I really could not believe I was even considering an abortion.  1) Because I am an adult 2) because I had an abortion when I was 15 and still feel guilt and shame over it.  When I was 15, my mother told me it was my decision to have the baby or not, but she would not support me in any way if I decided to keep the baby.  I felt pressured into that decision and I still grieve to the day over my actions.”

Still unsure, Angela went back to the clinic to proceed with the abortion– “I swallowed the pill, left, got into my car, and sat there for 30 minutes crying.  I knew what I had done was wrong.”


Miracle Baby Zoey

But when she got home, and saw a picture of her two boys as toddlers, she dropped to her knees crying.  “All I could think was what if I had an abortion with either one of them.  I immediately googled ‘abortion pill reversal’ I could not believe what I was reading.  There was hope and a procedure that could possibly save my baby’s life.  I did not hesitate and called the hotline.  They were so fast to connect me with a local clinic that could help.  I received a call from Alycia at Obria within 1 hour.  She was compassionate, non-judgmental, and willing to help in any way.  She made me feel so comfortable and within 30 minutes I had the progesterone needed to reverse the effects.   I was amazed how everyone went out of their way to help and their lightning response.  They were constantly checking up on me and set an ultrasound within a few days to check on the baby.  By the grace of God, my baby survived the process and I could not be more excited to welcome her in 2 weeks.”

Meet a miracle– beautiful baby Zoey Rose!   Born 4 days ago, healthy and happy.  She was saved from abortion through the grace of God.

Miracles are real. Just ask Angela.

Help us create more miracles by supporting Obria this #Giving Tuesday.

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